About our aims

The Group is based on Artists from many mediums working in a group of varied abilities.
Meetings are informal and allow members to see how other members work, seek advice, and problem solve with experienced members.
We meet once a week at the Village Hall from 7pm to 9 pm.
As part of the program there is approximately once a month, a demonstration or a workshop on the various medium used by the Group.
Examples are; Watercolour, Acrylics, Oil, Pastel, Life drawing and many new areas of artistic exploration.
Books and Videos can be borrowed from the groups library.

We welcome new members with some artistic interest, but the is no formal training available, other than Demonstrations and Workshops
This is where are our Artistic Help page points beginners in the direction of Tutorials and helpful suggestions, on making progress in their chosen medium.
Please see the About Us page where to contact the Group leader.

About our Program

Covers the whole year, except June-August, recommencing the in September. The pattern is 3 weeks free evenings and 1 Demonstration or Workshop a month.

Workshops, Demonstrations and Outdoor painting

Workshops give you chance to try out new ideas or medium with expert advice readily available.

Demonstrations given by experts in their medium, gives you the definitive answer to many problems.