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You will very WELCOME

Programme, Workshops and Painting

We welcome new members with some artistic interest, but the is no formal training available.
This is where are our Artistic Help page points beginners in the direction of Tutorials and helpful suggestions, on making progress in their chosen medium. New applicants for membership can contact the CHAIR or DEPUTY by phone.
Quite often possible new members are invited to meet the Group on the normal painting evenings Alternatively you can pay the small fee for joining the Group on a Demonstration evening, before committing to join for the full year

Our programme covers the whole year, except we have a break from June to August, recommencing the first Monday in September. The normal pattern is 3 weeks free evenings and approximately 1 Demonstration or Workshop a month, varies, subject to Tutors.

About our Exhibitions and Members Gallery

We have our own members gallery on this website, with paintings available for sale.
Opportunities for members to exhibit their own works are held in various local exhibitions.

held in various local exhibitions.

Take part and by doing so become a better Artist.